One of the objects of NDS is to improve the productivity of milch animals in the country. A multi-prong strategy is being followed for improving the productivity wherein at a fundamental level improvements in the genetic make-up of the milch animals would be brought about using advanced reproductive techniques like- Artificial Insemination using frozen semen doses (both conventional and sex-sorted) produced from high genetic merit bulls; and Embryo transfer using embryos produced from elite cows/buffaloes and high genetic merit bulls.

The nutrition requirements of such improved animals would be addressed by making available inputs like- Compound cattle feed, Area specific mineral mixture and Seeds of High yielding fodder varieties. In addition, extension services in the areas of animal nutrition and scientific animal management would be offered to dairy farmers as they still predominantly follow traditional cattle rearing practices.


Superior Animal Genetics (SAG)

NDS is currently making available breeding inputs to dairy farmers in the form of Frozen Semen Doses (FSD) and embryos for producing the next generation high genetic merit animal (HGM) under the brand ‘Superior Animal genetics” (SAG).

Taking into cognizance the need for organizing the live animal trade in the country which would go a long way in improving dairying in the country, NDS is making available high genetic merit animals backed by reliable information about the animals under the brand “SAG Live”. The “SAG Live” brand ensures fair prices to farmers investing in advanced breeding technologies in the production of animals and in the absence of the information asymmetry both the sellers and buyers are protected from the exploitation.

Semen Production and Sales

  • Semen Production and Sales

    Artificial Insemination (AI) using Frozen semen doses produced from high genetic merit bulls is the time tested and the most cost effective way to improve the genetic potential of the cattle in the country. Currently, only 35 per cent of animals are covered by AI and it is imperative to increase its coverage. To achieve this, it is necessary to increase the availability of high genetic merit frozen semen doses in the country. NDS manages the four largest semen stations in the country – Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala in Bidaj (Gujarat); Animal Breeding Centre, Salon (Uttar Pradesh); Alamadhi Semen Station (Tamil Nadu); and Rahuri Semen Station (Maharashtra). These semen stations together produce and sell about 50 million semen doses in a year. The success of NDS’ efforts to uphold the highest standards of quality for frozen semen doses (FSD) is evident from the fact that all the NDS managed semen stations are graded ‘A’ by the Central Monitoring Unit (CMU), Government of India and have been consistently ranked among the top semen stations in the country.

    The ability to assure the birth of only female calves provides a huge financial advantage to dairy farmers as the economic utility of a male calf is negligible. The current technologies for the sex sorting of bovine sperms are proprietary to a few multi-national companies and this makes it cost prohibitive for the small and marginal dairy farmers. NDS, in collaboration with Bengaluru based R&D company has developed an affordable indigenous technology for sex sorting bovine sperms with an objective to significantly bring down the cost of the sex-sorted semen doses.

SAG Live

  • SAG Live

    NDS has a network of Breeder farmers having elite cows of various breeds of cattle and buffaloes across the country. NDS provides technical guidance and breeding inputs to these Breeder farmers for producing and rear high genetic merit disease free animals. Simultaneously, NDS also creates demand amongst milk producer farmers who have access to forward linkages for the good quality disease free animals produced by the breeder farmers. “SAG Live” brand for the live cattle intends to put an end to exploitation of the dairy farmer by ensuring both the buyer and seller gets fair value for their money


NDS is implementing various projects under the Rashtriya Gokul Mission with an objective to make dairying sustainable in the dairy backward regions of the country like- Vidarbha- Marathwada region in Maharashtra, Varanasi in Purvanchal region of Uttar Pradesh, Champaran region in in Bihar. The productivity services like induction of high yielding indigenous cattle, establishing pregnancies using sex-sorted frozen semen and conventional semen doses and through embryo transfer is being carried out in these regions.

 Embryo Transfer

Embryo Transfer (ET) results in faster genetic gains than AI. However, adoption of the ET Technology (ETT) in India is still at a nascent stage. NDS has played a remarkable role in popularizing this technology among farmers.

A state of the art IVF laboratory at Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala, is producing embryos of different cattle breeds through in-vivo and in-vitro techniques for producing the breeding bulls to be used at semen station and for the farmers in order to produce high genetic merit calves at their doorstep. The ET carried out in the field has led to its popularisation and there has been an increase in demand for embryos from dairy farmers.

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NDS technically supports PCs in their endeavor for providing productivity services to their member producers. The productivity enhancement services include artificial insemination services, animal nutrition services and extension services.

Technical support to West Assam Milk Union Limited in implementation of Artificial Insemination Delivery systems is also being provided.

NDS is also involved in setting up AI delivery systems particularly in dairy backward regions of the country.

Animal Nutrition Services

NDS technically supports PCs and WAMUL to make available good quality animal nutrition inputs- cattle feed, mineral mixt

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AI Delivery Services

In the AI delivery systems set-up by NDS, AI is carried out by well-trained qualified AI Technicians at the doorstep of

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