NDDB Dairy Services (NDS), a Section 8 company registered under the Companies Act, is a wholly owned subsidiary of NDDB

NDS assists farmers in establishing ‘Producer owned enterprises’ (POEs) which are incorporated under provisions of Part XXI A of the Companies Act. These enterprises run on the principles of mutual assistance.
NDS has set-up two mega semen stations at Alamadhi in Tamil Nadu and Rahuri in Maharashtra. We also manage the two largest semen stations in the country, Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala located at Bidaj, Ahmedabad in Gujarat and Animal Breeding Research Organisation located at Salon, Raebareily in Uttar Pradesh

Our Milestones

NDS' journey has been fuelled by its commitment to India's dairy farmers and drive to empower them


  • Incorporated three PCs in Uttar Pradesh namely Harit Pradesh Milk Producer Company, Meerut; Kashee Milk Producer Company, Varanasi and Saamarthya Milk Producer Company, Raebareli.Taking the total count of PCs to 19
  • NDS launched FSDs of a popular cattle breed of southern India, namely, ‘Punganur’ from Alamadhi Semen Station.
  • NDS facilitated induction of around 1,000 high genetic merit animals of Gir, Sahiwal, Murrah, HF, Jersey, and their crossbreds under ‘SAG Live’
  • Rahuri Semen Station received 5S certification from QCFI


  • Incorporated Ujalaa MPC in Kota, Rajasthan with support from the NRLM, taking the total number of PCs to 16
  • First female calf born from the sex-sorted semen dose produced using indigenously developed sex-sorting technology


  • ABRO, Salon becomes the first 5S certified semen station in the country
  • IVF embryo production commenced at Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala (SAG), Bidaj


  • Incorporated PCs in some of the most backward regions of India – Indujaa MPC in Vidarbha, Maharashtra, with support from the Tata Trusts and Balinee MPC in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh with support from NRLM
  • Became the first organisation outside the developed world to produce sex-sorted semen doses using an indigenously developed technology


  • Assisted the NRLM in setting up Muktaa and Maalav MPCs in Madhya Pradesh and Kaushikee MPC in Bihar
  • Incorporated Bapudham MPC in Bihar
  • Forayed into In-vitro Fertilisation (IVF) technology and the first IVF calf was born


  • Assisted Tata Trusts in setting up Ruhaanii MPC in Punjab and Shwetdhara MPC in Uttar Pradesh
  • Operationalised Rahuri Semen Station in Maharashtra and commenced the marketing of semen doses produced by the semen stations owned/managed by NDS under the brand ‘Superior Animal Genetics (SAG)’
  • Recognised by Ministry of Rural Development as a Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana a National Rural Livelihoods Missions (NRLM) support organisation to assist State Rural Livelihood Mission (SRLM) in setting up MPCs


  • Operationalised Alamadhi Semen Station – the first mega semen station in India
  • Offered technical support to Shreeja, Baani and Saahaj MPCs in the implementation of sub-projects under NDP-I
  • Initiated R&D work for indigenous sexing technology for sorting bovine semen
  • Entered into an agreement with Tata Trusts for setting up PCs in the Trusts’ areas of operations – Sakhi and Asha MPCs incorporated in Rajasthan


  • Incorporated three more PCs – Shreeja (Andhra Pradesh), Baani (Punjab) and Saahaj (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Entered into an agreement with West Assam Milk Union Limited (WAMUL) for technical assistance in implementing the World Bank funded project for AI Delivery Services


  • Took over the management of the two largest semen stations in India – Sabarmati Ashram Gaushala in Bidaj (Gujarat) and Animal Breeding Research Organisation in Raebareli (Uttar Pradesh)
  • Supported Paayas and Maahi MPCs in implementation of Village Based Milk Procurement System (VBMPS),
  • Pilot Model for Viable Artificial Insemination (AI) Delivery Services (PAID) and Ration Balancing and Fodder Development – sub-projects under NDP-I


  • Incorporated the first PC – Paayas in Rajasthan – and the second one – Maahi in Gujarat
  • Maahi MPC became the first to launch products under own retail brand


  • Organised workshops to evolve a sound and appropriate governance system for the PCs; experts from the field of governance, dairy professionals, practising lawyers and company secretaries participated
  • Held village meetings in Gujarat and Rajasthan to explain issues pertaining to operations, structure and governance of proposed PCs; sought views and suggestions of participants
  • Finalised the roadmap for setting up PCs, including pre-incorporation, incorporation and post-incorporation activities


  • Organised workshops on ‘Design and Formation of a Producer Company (PC)’ at which about 50 experts from India and overseas outlined the core design principles for ensuring producer-centric, sustainable PCs
  • Interacted with farmer groups to validate and modify these principles based on their suggestions


Incorporation of NDS

Board of Directors

Shri Meenesh Shah

Chairman, NDDB

A dynamic professional with over three decades of experience in the Dairy sector. He has m

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Prof. Sriram Mankal Shankar

Faculty member, IIM Bangalore

Sriram Mankal Shankar is a graduate from Institute of Rural Management, Anand and a Fello

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Shri Ajay Kumar Khosla

Advisor, NDDB Dairy Services

Has close to five decades of experience working in the Dairy industry across all sectors i

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Dr. Saugata Mitra

Managing Director, NDDB Dairy Services

Dr. Saugata Mitra is an MBA from Symbiosis Institute of Business Management with over 30

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Shri Kamlesh Trivedi

Shri Kamlesh Trivedi He has received a bachelor’s degree in Veterinary Sciences from Ana

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Dr. C. P. Devanand

Deputy Managing Director, NDDB Dairy Services

Dr. C. P. Devanand an alumnus of College of Veterinary & Animal sciences, Kerala, is Mast

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Shri S Raghupati

General Manager Accounts, NDDB

Shri S Raghupati has over three decades of experience in finance and accounting and is cur

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Shri T.M. Vijay Bhaskar

Retired IAS

An Indian Administrative Service officer of the 1983 batch, in the last 39 years, he has w

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Shri Manish Bandlish

Managing Director, Mother Dairy Fruit & Vegetable Private Limited

Is an Engineering Graduate from Jamia Millia Islamia University and an alumnus of IIM Luck

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Shri Abhijit Bhattacharjee

Chief Vigilance Officer, NDDB

Shri Abhijit Bhattacharjee is a Post Graduate in Rural Management and holds a degree in La

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Our Services

Producer Companies

NDS is committed to help create, support and strengthen producer centric, competitive, inclusive, sustainable and professionally managed Producer Owned Enterprises (POE) responsive to the economic expectations and social wellbeing of their members.

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Productivity Services

NDS is currently following a multi-prong strategy for enhancing productivity by improving genetic make-up of the milch animals using advanced reproductive techniques and by making available inputs like- Compound cattle feed, Area specific mineral mixture and Seeds of High yielding fodder varieties.

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Practice Areas

NDS team has been drawn from diverse backgrounds- development sector, cooperatives, and private sector; and is committed to creating value for milk producers through their knowledge and experience.

The PIB function helps to create, support and strengthen PCs which are responsive to the economic expectations and social wellbeing of their members by catalyzing the process of institution building measures encompassing capacity building of the present & prospective stakeholders & implementing effective governance practices in the PCs.
Experts in the PIB team help the PC designing their institutional structure, governance mechanism, buildup of member share capital, mechanism for membership bonding, milk producer communication and training. The team also supports PCs in producer data analytics and capacity building of members, employees and Board of Directors during life cycle of the organization.

The PES function aims to increase productivity of the dairy animals in the country by adopting a holistic approach to animal management. To achieve this objective, the experts in PES group supports the implementation of the following activities- Semen Station management; Animal Breeding services including Artificial Insemination and Induction of high genetic merit milch animals; Animal Nutrition & Dairy farm management services. The team also support and implement advanced bovine reproductive technologies at the door step of dairy farmers.

The DVC function is involved with the three important business functions of a PC i.e. procurement, processing & sales of milk & milk products. The team works closely with the PCs in defining and establishing strong value chain systems and processes. This value creation encourages dairy enterprises to thrive and, in turn, improve livelihoods of milk producing farmers and nutrition for the end consumer.

The QA & PD team has expertise in implementing quality systems, strengthening hygienic infrastructure, monitoring product quality, manufacturing processes and methods for ensuring quality of raw milk & milk products along with new product design. The team also guides the Producer Companies on Food Safety and Standards regulations, Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hygiene and in developing value added products.

Assist the PCs and NDS in recruiting, grooming and succession planning of manpower. The HR department also assists in formulating policies, SOP’s for PC’s and semen stations while simultaneously assisting in developing the HR Teams of the producer companies to act as a business pillar and enabler. The experts help in developing & administering training modules on leadership, competency development and other soft skills.

The IT experts provide guidance & support to the PCs in formulating and deploying their IT & Communication strategies. The team supports the PCs in setting up IT infrastructure, software applications, designing & implementing a robust network to ensure transparency and accuracy at every level of operations from milk procurement to sales.

Experts at the PCM function contributes to the overarching objective of creating, supporting and strengthening PCs by formulating dairy value chain development proposals, partnering with funding agencies for approval of the projects and providing support for their effective roll-out /implementation

Experts in the MIS team have rich experience across various functions of business including survey research, database management and analytics. The team enables informed decision making through insights based on analytics around data & survey findings and maintain a repository related to dairy industry, NDS facilitated PCs, population census, livestock census etc. The function also supports NDS and PCs in conducting primary surveys.

The BE team is involved in supporting the PCs, Semen Stations and NDS in standardization & redesign of key processes through adoption of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) to achieve improvements in performance and efficiency.

Purchase & Logistics team supports in sourcing & procurement of goods, works and services for NDS, PCs and Semen stations. Which majorly includes sourcing of right product and delivering on time by following the compliances while maintaining the supplier relationship. Purchase & Logistics facilitates training to PCs and semen station which enables them to strengthen their purchase processes

In addition to ensuring compliance to statutory requirements at NDS, the experts assist the PCs in obtaining various statutory & regulatory registrations, licenses, approvals, clearance etc required for their operationalization as well for its smooth functioning. Also assists PCs in implementing the process & systems for good governance.

The experts in the F & A practice wear dual hats. While they are responsible for accounts, taxation, treasury, budgeting, management accounting, financial audits of NDS, they provide similar support as advisory and guidance to PCs and the NDS managed semen stations.

The MBCC team supports NDS, PCs and Semen Stations with their marketing, branding, corporate communication needs and propagating the concept of Producer Companies as a viable vehicle to bring sustainable socioeconomic impact at the grassroot level. This includes supporting the PCs in corporate identity design, new product introduction, traditional & digital media, forward linkages through ecommerce & modern retail and media engagements.

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